From December, 2012

To the community in Tucson Arizona, Los Angeles, all community activists, and artists in resistance:

It is our intention to support by building and mending bridges, to begin a healing process and to address the concern/issue of Olmeca crossing boundaries from mentor to mentee with women in Tucson Arizona. We a group of community members from Los Angeles write this letter with the intention of being transparent, inclusive, and accountable to the larger community as we share this process which is coming to a closure. *We want to take this moment to clarify the process as it relates to the concern. *Although we’ve faced challenges and a bit of communication struggle, the process was a…


“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated” Maya Angelou

Loose Woman

They say I’m a beast And feast on it When all along I thought that’s what a woman was They say I’m a bitch Or witch I’ve claimed the same and never winced They say I’m a macha, hell on wheels, viva-la-vulva, fire and brimstone, man-hating, devastating, boogey-woman lesbian Not necessarily, but I like the compliment The mob arrives with stones and sticks to maim and lame and do me in All the same, when I open my mouth they wobble like gin Diamonds and pearls tumble from my tongue Or toads and serpents Depending on the mood I’m in I like the itch I…

Response to Sean’s Letter: we call bullshit

This letter is merely an empty letter, a clear public relations statement so that, god forbid, you don’t actually look guilty of doing something wrong.  If you really believe in what you said and that this is sufficient, you clearly still do not get it. Your words are that of an entitled man that minimizes your actions. This is a clear statement of denial. “no one has the right to engage in any conduct that is or has the appearance of domestic violence.” This is absolutely disrespectful and is in fact domestic violence. Oh and by the way……. We will…

Sister Outsider

“Your silence will not protect you” Audre Lorde, The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action

malintZINE would like to make some clarifications regarding our inaugural blog on 12/21/2012:

There is a severe need for accountability within the Chicano Movement in Tucson especially surrounding the preservation of Ethnic Studies. Our bodies and children are sacred and need to be protected from domestic violence and all other forms of gendered violence. We as an online community will not allow anyone to be further used as a scapegoat for voicing their opinions on this zine regarding the bullshit women go through in this community. If you do not like what you read on this site, do not read it and simply face this dialogue when you are ready – TEZCATLIPOCA! malintZINE will…

our backs

my revolution wont be you grabbing my face and kissing me when ive said no trying to fuck me when youre drunk grabbing my arm and screaming my name demanding attention putting your fist through my window, tail light, car/truck or face my revolution wont be me being your downass trucha chicana nationalist homegirl/hermana who gots your back when my back is still a fucking bridge our backs are still fucking bridges.

Dear Sean

I’m writing to you with your daughter in mind. With my daughter and all our children in mind. You’ve been nationally and internationally recognized and occupy the center of the Chicano Movement in Tucson – the civil rights battle for Mexican American studies, banned books and the legal fight against Arizona’s HB2281, all while perpetuating problematic internalized sexism that has been the root of our trauma over the last several years. You have said yourself, you’re a “machismo” a “macho” and your behavior with your partner, partners, our young men and women reflect that. You wear your male privilege shamelessly,…