From March, 2013

de/romantic revolutions

I remember the first time I went to the MEChA meeting he was there to the side with his Ché mane sad eyes and I liked him                                                                         (no, you don’t understand) he’s a beautiful brown man he reminds me of my brother lost, rocky childhood, angry, charismatic, womanizer but wants to be a lawyer or politician do right by his people                                                                         (his mother) first time he holds my hand, we’re at the movies watching motorcycle diaries his sweaty palm, let’s go stares and for a moment I imagine revolutionary love                                                                         (wack right?) that’s when he tells me…

malintZINE does the telling

By Anna NietoGomez, Coughing Woman Custom was that violence against women was private and should not be talked about in public. The women’s rights movement changed all that, and violence against women became a public discussion. Women demanded that they have the right to be safe at home, at work and at play. Traditionalists ignored this challenge, blamed the woman for the violence done against her and took no action. Then women told their stories.
 First they began the telling with friends and family, but nothing changed. The story was forgotten, and violence against women continued.
 Then the telling became…