From February, 2014

I Believe in Living

  i believe in living.i believe in the spectrumof Beta days and Gamma people.i believe in sunshine.In windmills and waterfalls,tricycles and rocking chairs;And i believe that seeds grow into sprouts.And sprouts grow into trees.i believe in the magic of the hands.And in the wisdom of the eyes.i believe in rain and tears.And in the blood of infinity. i believe in life.And i have seen the death parademarch through the torso of the earth,sculpting mud bodies in its pathi have seen the destruction of the daylightand seen bloodthirsty maggotsprayed to and saluted i have seen the kind become the blindand the…

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Submissions Y Presentaciones

In the commitment to pursue silenced experiences, Malintzine is looking for submissions that enact social transformation, create opportunities for dialogue and instigate reflection. Do not let your experience continue to be silenced! Please submit your stories, poems, quotes, etc. to En el compromiso de llevar adelante las experiencias silenciadas, Malintzine está buscando presentaciones que promulgan la transformación social y la creación de espacios de diálogo que instigan la reflexión . No dejes que tu experiencia siga siendo silenciada! Por favor envía tus historias, poemas, citas, etc. a


You can call me Alex or Alexandra The first time I said I liked girls my voice brokeEveryone turned to me as if I had cursed at the dinner tableMy mother told me to go take a shower and think about it But mom, you can’t wash off who you areAnd yes, I have been thinking about itA lot In a small town news spreads like wildfireI was the walking disappointment in the middle of town squareI had been reduced to it till I was purged of this evil that threatened to claim my soulNo one would sit next to me in classAnd…


LIAR!!! You call yourself an activist Fighting for injustices You say you’re in touch with your feminist side YET……… Behind closed doors you’re a lying, cheating, whore You cruelly lie and pretend You play games You claim to be a hard core Xicano Fighting for OUR cause How is it then….you can bring a fellow comrade down You deceive and lie about yourself Pretending to be into me Only to let me down Lied about having a girl friend Lied about being available Lied about your calls and texts You made me promises you didn’t keep Then excused yourself behind…