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Dear Sean

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I’m writing to you with your daughter in mind. With my daughter and all our children in mind. You’ve been nationally and internationally recognized and occupy the center of the Chicano Movement in Tucson – the civil rights battle for Mexican American studies, banned books and the legal fight against Arizona’s HB2281, all while perpetuating problematic internalized sexism that has been the root of our trauma over the last several years. You have said yourself, you’re a “machismo” a “macho” and your behavior with your partner, partners, our young men and women reflect that. You wear your male privilege shamelessly,…

David Abie Morales:

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Your announcement that your last post for Three Sonorans was in the works arrived in only the grand fashion that you are known for – that overly dramatized self-important manner usually followed by chisme and posts that polarize rather than bring us together. You know, some of us actually don’t believe this is going to be your last post. We’re taking bets on your return. Let us know if you want to get in on it. You can’t stay away from the attention and the glory, real or imagined. No, David, MAS isn’t dead, and we suspect, unfortunately, neither is…