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Old Ways

When referring to the “old ways” to do away with We meant the patriarchy that has been killing(rapingbeatingsilencingsuppressinghating) us And going back to those older ways when our voices could sing Unfettered Openly Without fear. You know: Matriarchy. Those days when we knew a profound love.   Those times when everyone acknowledged the power of women to create Healthy Societies Healthy Families Healthy Lives A Healthy Earth A Healthy Time to live in   Don’t get stuck on supposed definitions When we’ve been staring you right in the face this whole time.

getting hit on in the movement

*Disclaimer:  This is for those men (youknowwhoyouare – even if you don’t have a clue)   Believe it or not I didn’t come here to meet you holdingbackthemovement men. The dreams of a woman  run in rivers  and that’s what brought me.   Some of these holdingbackthemovement men don’t understand when I say “I’m not interested” As in: I got a path I’m on and you’re standing in my way. Never never gonna sleep in your bed! I refuse to suffocate in your blindness.   Some of these holdingbackthemovement men got some egos like Gaping Holes filled with fantasies and…

I am the Malinche

I am the malinche   Bitch who took the ‘good fork’ with flowers etched on the ends This selfish act justification for sharp points (plain… no flowers) thrown at my skull [bitch] ‘Mijita, give him the nice one’ Your fault [bitch]   I am the malinche   Bitch hiding in my room because our hallway is too small for us both and he is above me I need to move. Make room. [bitch] Plus I got shit to take care of in here Skin red, slits of color, marks from rusted razors—get it out before you go out. Make no…

Richard Martinez:

All joking aside, Mr. Lawyer, the law begrudges us you. You stand spinning things into the ground, all values loosening their grips beneath your calls for winning. Women are pawns for you: Play this, play that. Squelch this, squash that. Posture here, threaten there. Sow division, reap wounds electrified under silent gazes. You are a “man’s man,” machismo to the point, broken-down logic lost you a long time ago. I’m not from here, Richard Martinez, you can’t threaten me, I’ve met more dangerous people in my life. And your backward leadership has caught all our gazes.