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In the commitment to pursue silenced experiences, Malintzine is looking for submissions that enact social transformation, create opportunities for dialogue and instigate reflection. Do not let your experience continue to be silenced! Please submit your stories, poems, quotes, etc. to malintzine@gmail.com En el compromiso de llevar adelante las experiencias silenciadas, Malintzine está buscando presentaciones que promulgan la transformación social y la creación de espacios de diálogo que instigan la reflexión . No dejes que tu experiencia siga siendo silenciada! Por favor envía tus historias, poemas, citas, etc. a malintzine@gmail.com


Though we “understand” the root causes of male hatred and fear, and the subsequent wounding of women, we do not excuse, we do not condone, and we will no longer put up with it. From the men of our race, we demand the admission/ acknowledgement/disclosure/testimony that they wound us, violate us, are afraid of us and of our power. We need them to say they will begin to eliminate their hurtful put-down ways. But more than the words, we demand acts. We say to them: we will develop equal power with you and those who have shamed us. It is…