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Welcome to Xicanisma

Bloggers at the Three Sonorans have, again, pointed fingers of accusation at Chicanas of Tucson. It seems that we (and a few men) are responsible for divisiveness within the community, for accusing rapists and misogynists of their crimes, for calling out the men and women of the Chican@ community for their hypocrisy and machismo and for demanding that Precious Knowledge be abandoned as a source of financial support by Save Ethnic Studies because a victim of crime directly involved with the film asked that it be so. And this is a bad thing? Underlying the blogger’s concerns over a current…

Girl Code, Responsibility, Accountability and In Lak Ech

I didn’t believe my friend when she was raped. …… The last few years in Tucson have been a struggle to survive. With the battles in our communities and legislation targeting brown people of color on indigenous land – we have nearly killed each other and the work and the fight and the fighting has made us all sick – susto. It deserves writing that will never end now that it has started. Through it all, I now reflect on two moments when I know I fucked up. I monumentally fucked up and hurt other women. When it first happened,…

Richard Martinez:

All joking aside, Mr. Lawyer, the law begrudges us you. You stand spinning things into the ground, all values loosening their grips beneath your calls for winning. Women are pawns for you: Play this, play that. Squelch this, squash that. Posture here, threaten there. Sow division, reap wounds electrified under silent gazes. You are a “man’s man,” machismo to the point, broken-down logic lost you a long time ago. I’m not from here, Richard Martinez, you can’t threaten me, I’ve met more dangerous people in my life. And your backward leadership has caught all our gazes.