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Re-imagining the Home through Conscious ways of Healing

Like Anzaldua I have attempted carrying home on my back but sometimes carrying home includes carrying a lot more, to the point that it becomes overbearing. I have been divulging in the words of Eden E. Torres the Chicana academic who brought us Chicana Without Apology; however, her words struck me when she began talking about the difficulty in maintaining mental health. And I wondered, what happens when home becomes a threat to your mental health? I’d like to start with a quote by Friedrich Nietzche—“the most spiritual human beings, assuming they are the most courageous, also experience by far…

Bigger Things

I hope you’re one of the lucky ones who left untouched, But I know you don’t get to be that strong without trauma. I know. We knew of each other. We knew each other before we met. I met you today and I know your history, our background. I know your weaknesses, your triumphs, your fears, your life. And you know mine. Our visions intersect and today our lives did too (finally). We have each other. To confide in. To revolutionize with. To bitch at. To understand. Holy fuck Chicana mamas, you are raining them down to me like acid…

Richard Martinez:

All joking aside, Mr. Lawyer, the law begrudges us you. You stand spinning things into the ground, all values loosening their grips beneath your calls for winning. Women are pawns for you: Play this, play that. Squelch this, squash that. Posture here, threaten there. Sow division, reap wounds electrified under silent gazes. You are a “man’s man,” machismo to the point, broken-down logic lost you a long time ago. I’m not from here, Richard Martinez, you can’t threaten me, I’ve met more dangerous people in my life. And your backward leadership has caught all our gazes.