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Community New Year’s Resolutions

I was recently reading a list of five New Year’s resolutions for the Latino community by Ernesto Sosa on Huffington Post. The founder and president of the Hispanic Social Media Institute and SOWEB and director at LATISM (Latinos in Innovation, Technology and Social Media), focused on challenges that hold back the Latino community that prevent us from doing what’s needed to “evolve, become a valuable power group and change the outdated, misrepresented Latino stereotypes.” Sosa has some good points, and some speak volumes to the specific challenges facing Tucson’s own community and should be taken to heart. But it occurred to…

Richard Martinez:

All joking aside, Mr. Lawyer, the law begrudges us you. You stand spinning things into the ground, all values loosening their grips beneath your calls for winning. Women are pawns for you: Play this, play that. Squelch this, squash that. Posture here, threaten there. Sow division, reap wounds electrified under silent gazes. You are a “man’s man,” machismo to the point, broken-down logic lost you a long time ago. I’m not from here, Richard Martinez, you can’t threaten me, I’ve met more dangerous people in my life. And your backward leadership has caught all our gazes.